We're excited to announce that the all twelve artists for the 2014 season have been selected, and a limited number of shares - only 50 - are now on sale! Scroll down to preview the artists' previous work, find out what it means to become a shareholder, and purchase a share to join Brooklyn Community Supported Art + Design! 


How much art is in a share?

Full shares contain six pieces, one from six of the twelve selected artists shown above. Half shares contain three pieces from this group. The exact group of artists and the nature of the work you will receive is unknown until the time of the pick-up, but the work shown above and on the Artists & Designers page are examples of their past work and can give you a good sense of the artists' style.

How were these artists selected?

After a jury selection and then voting from 1,500 members of the community, 12 artists were selected to participate this season. The full collection has been announced and you can see more examples of their work here.


When will I receive my share?

Join the Brooklyn CSA+D community today and you'll be invited to a pick up event this fall where you will receive your share or half-share and get to know the artists and fellow shareholders. At this time, shareholders will have the chance to indicate one artist they want to receive in their share. 

Join Brooklyn Community Supported Art + Design today.

Purchase a share or half-share below to receive a specially-curated selection of original works made by local artists.

2014 Collection

Still curious about how it works?

Visit the how it works page to find out more.