Meet the artists: Rachel Burgess

"Sunlight", monotype on paper, 4" x 6", 2013

"Sunlight", monotype on paper, 4" x 6", 2013

Get to know the artists participating in the 2014 season of CSA+D, check out their work and make sure to reserve your share or half share before they're gone! This season is limited to only 50 total shares, so if you love what you see and want to be delightfully surprised by a unique selection of locally-produced artworks just for you, become a member today and support this one-of-a-kind marketplace for artists and collectors.

Rachel Burgess is a painter and printmaker based in New York. She has a B.A. in Comparative Literature from Yale University (2004) and an M.F.A. in Illustration as Visual Essay from the School of Visual Arts (2007).

Burgess' work has been exhibited at the International Print Center of New York (NY), the Monmouth Museum (NJ) and the Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art (Israel). She has also been featured in Still Point Arts Quarterly, CMYK, 3x3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration and the Society of Illustrators Annual. Previous clients include J. Crew, Playboy Magazine, David R. Godine Publishers, and Cricket Magazine. Several of her printed pieces are in the publications collection at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Learn more about Rachel Burgess and see her work and that of the other 2014 selected artists, and be sure to visit her website for more.


"Stalagmire" paper plant sculpture by Adam Frezza + Terri Chiao

"Stalagmire" paper plant sculpture by Adam Frezza + Terri Chiao

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"Nugget" paper plant sculpture by Adam Frezza + Terri Chiao

"Nugget" paper plant sculpture by Adam Frezza + Terri Chiao

"Moon Willow" paper plant sculpture by Adam Frezza + Terri Chiao

"Moon Willow" paper plant sculpture by Adam Frezza + Terri Chiao

Visit us in Red Hook May 30th - June 1st!

For a limited time individual pieces are on sale for $100 each from selected 2013 artists and designers. Purchase online or in person and pick-up May 30th - June 1st at Realty Collective's lovely storefront office in the heart of Red Hook, Brooklyn. Thank you to Realty Collective and the amazing CSA+D shareholder and supporter, Victoria Hagman, for donating the space!

Works will be on view and on sale over the weekend, so stop by to say hi, check out the work on display, and grab a piece of the inaugural collection. Some editions have sold out, and the rest have just a few or even one piece remaining, so don't miss your chance to collect that special piece made just for CSA+D!

May 30th - 5-8pm
May 31st  - 12-5pm
June 1st - 12-5pm

Realty Collective LLC, 351 Van Brunt St., Brooklyn, NY 11231

Deadline to Apply Extended to April 6th!

Brooklyn CSA+D is seeking applications from New York City based artists and designers! We're looking for applicants to create 57 - 65 individual pieces or editions for the 2014 season. If you create paintings, sculptures, drawings, illustrations, photographs, prints, or any type of design object, we're looking for you! Selected applicants will receive a $3,000 commission and a full share in the 2014 season. Please apply today and help spread the word!

Interview with Jeff Scher

On an ongoing basis, we will feature one of our selected artists or designers whose work has been distributed to our shareholders. This week’s featured artist/designer is Jeff Scher.

Jeff Scher created 50 unique watercolor drawings of cameras he lost due to Sandy in 2012. Each drawing is 8x10".

We asked Jeff some questions about applying to Brooklyn CSA+D and his process for creating the work.

Why did you apply to Brooklyn CSA+D?

I like the whole concept and the way it circumvents galleries and how it's so democratic. I also love painting in a series, as an animator fifty drawings is a comportable unit of work.

Why did you want to make this particular work for Brooklyn CSA+D shareholders?

I made a series of fifty water color drawings of objects that were washed out of my studio and destroyed last year by Sandy. I'm using water color to resurrect the things via the medium that destroyed them. The images are washy and ghost like. 

Kodak Brownie

Kodak Brownie

How do you approach the art world to sell and market your work?  How do you find opportunities?

I did well with a gallery a while back, but they went under and since then I have only sold through my website and people writing me after seeing one of my films or an article on my work. 

Ansco Brick Camera

Ansco Brick Camera

What is the most exciting aspect of participating in Brooklyn CSA+D?

Expanding my audience and cashing a check.

What keeps you up at night?

Between teaching and parenting, I work nights.